Learning about Hungarian History

Learning about Hungarian History

You may ask what in a world is world-schooling?

For us it is learning through traveling, experiencing world cultures first hand and learning about the world when we are at Home.

It can accommodate many different learning styles and philosophies. Some families that world-school adapt strictly classical approach to education and combine it with homeschooling curricula, others unschool, yet others enroll their children to schools in different countries for different terms, whether short or long term. Some practice structured learning, others –  don’t. One thing is common — world-schooling adapts global approach.

World-schooling for us is enriching children’s experiences through direct contact with various cultures, whether through traveling or through learning about them.

We practice classical education – and it fits in world-schooling wonderfully. Children learn classical history, literature, arts by directly experiencing them. Visiting museums, watching ballets and plays, walking the streets of ancient cities and speaking with folks from different countries who are descendants of historical figures, makes learning so much more attractive and alive. It becomes part of their own experiences and parts of their own lives.


We also believe in Early Learning. No, our children do not start their days with workbooks at the tender age of 2. What we mean by early learning – is giving our children an opportunity to learn, experience and discover at very early age. Unique window of opportunity, when children acquire over 75% of all information they will retain for the rest of their lives, is an ideal time to travel, experience, learn and enjoy. So, in essence, we are having a time of our lives enjoying reading, listening, traveling, learning, but none of this is formal — we follow our children’s lead in their early discoveries. The difference is — we are not afraid to provide them opportunities for a fear that they are too young. Our 2 year old loves ancient history and modern geography. And our 4 year old asks myriads of questions about chemical elements, inventors, exploreres and adores history of arts (ask her about her favorite ballet dancers and ballets!)


Here we will share our world-schooling journey and our world-schooling resources.

Why world-schooling?

World-schooling in your own country