What is Early Education

If you are visiting us here for the first time, you may wonder what I actually mean, when saying Early Education.

Definition of Early Education can turn to be an essay or even a book on its own, but to briefly describe our philosophy and approach I would simply list what Early Education is and is not for us.

Early Education is giving our children a room, stimuli and opportunities to grow. It certainly not sitting them in front of numerous workbooks and encyclopedias. But it is creating an environment where their questions would always be answered, and not brushed away;  where their curiosity would be satisfied,  and not ignored; where they will have fun doing what the kids do best – learning with joy and confidence.

If you are new to Early Learning and  would like to learn more about this unique window of opportunity, when babies and young children learn about 75% of everything that they would ever learn through their lifetime and how to help your child by providing the best possible supportive environment during this time, you might enjoy reading about Baby Teaching Basics, Infant Education and Early Education research on our sister website BrillBaby. It is an excellent place to start!

If you would like to connect with thousands of parents from around the world, who practice early learning, make sure to visit an awesome BrillKids Forum, which I am a Global Moderator of. You can participate in discussions, ask questions and connect with parents of young children in your area!

And if you already sold on the idea and looking for tried and proven resources, tips and materials collected in one place for you to use on your journey of Early Learning, I hope to make this place your one stop source of early education ideas and early learning materials for busy parents! We are second generation Early Learning Family with some fabulous experiences and ideas behind our belt, we also learn every day from other parents who are on same journey as we.

Keep your eyes open for soon to come interviews with parents of young learners, telling of the benefits of early learning and difference it made in their children’s lives.

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