Story of the World, volume 2, chapter 1 resources — The Glory That Was Rome…

We enjoyed some of the following resources as we reviewed the life in Ancient Rome.

A day in life of a teenager in Ancient Rome (from Ted-Ed, we like their videos!):

3 minutes in Roman Empire (Great short overview of the life in Roman Empire):

Interesting Encyclopedic Knowledge facts about Colosseum (from Mokomi Kids, visit their channel, as they have a lot of nice presentations similar to this):

Not in this order but we also used this short video to review the legends and origins of Roman Empire

The next video gave us a good laugh. Kids are learning sign language, and this is a song about Romans ( with some good facts!) with quite outstanding sight language interpretation:

Similarly to the Ted ED videos earlier, this one talks about the life of 4 sisters during the times of Ancient Rome, great glimpse into the past!