Space Adventures, math game

My kids called these series of math games "Space Adventures", simply because it is fun to imagine adventures in space, and since we play different variations of the game it corresponds with the fact that there are different missions and tasks when you discovering space on your space shuttle.

Today's setting was exciting. Two teams of space explorers, on two different rockets needed to return back to mother ship. The rockets were out of the fuel, but that was not a problem, there were fuel capsules all over the planet, we just needed to find them. I will skip a long story of how they happened to be there 🙂

I made 1 special dice, FUNCTIONS DICE,  using a regular wooden block from kids wooden block game. And marked the sides with : X, X square, 2X, -X, X+Y and XY.  I used permanent marker to write on wood. And we had two other regular dice (1-6).

space game1space game1space game1

To start the game, everyone rolls a dice and the person with smallest number of dots gets to be first.

After that, the player rolls one regular dice and Functions dice.

For example, here  the player got 5 on a regular dice and x square on the Function Dice, it would mean that player will need to figure out what would be x square if x is 5.

Then, the result is added to the player's score. The first person that reaches pre-determined number, wins. We had 100 as our goal today.

If you will get x, the number on the regular rolled dice would be what you add to your score, however if you will get X negative, it will mean you will have to subtract it. In the beginning, one of our players ended up adding negatives to negatives 🙂

If you got a function "x+y", you simply roll second dice to determine the number for Y. Function XY would mean X multiplied by Y, or how many times you need to take X.

It is an excellent way to review addition, square numbers, negatives and positives, and have fun.

Here is 5 year old A. explaining it: