Science Books Series for Kids We Like and Recommend

For the last few years my kids were learning most of their science through reading the books. Some books we read together. But they also spent hours every day enjoying their non-fiction reading materials. And today I wanted to share which science books series we really liked over the years and are happy to recommend.

There are plenty of children science books that are not part of series on our bookshelves and we will focus on those later.

I am asked about science books my children are reading nearly every day. Their science knowledge is very well rounded. So I finally decided to make this post instead. And to start somewhere, I will start with what I call Stage 1 Science books. These are the books we started reading, as they learned how to read, they are a great starting point for their science discovery.

When my children were just beginner readers, I asked them what kind of graded readers they would like me to get for them. And since again and again they were asking for non-fiction ones, we ended up trying quite a few of them.

For those purposes we liked Harcourt Science Leveled Readers. They covered lots of different topics, and kids liked having readers about nature, animals, matter, engineering, for their reading practice. If you have a library next to you, they most likely have these readers there. They are quite expensive for what you get (only a few pages each). But we ended up getting a few.  Here is an example of one of them.

We also liked National Geographic Science readers. They are more comprehensive and longer then Harcourt ones and worked nicely as a next stage of Science Readers. Here is an example of one of them:

The series of Books the all of my kids really liked, is called "Just Ask" Books. They cover various science topics in very simple and fun format, at the same time they use real science terminology and explain it. I highly recommend these. I am putting the link to the series below, they are out of print , but you can often get them as a lot for a much better deal.

"The Question & Answer Book" series from Troll Associates publishing company is another great series for beginners. Each books focuses on one specific topic, complete with simple experiment ideas, and lots of questions related to that specific topic. Here is an example of one about the air.

Child's First Library of Learning is another set we really liked. It has so much information and the format is very engaging. Definitely worth the purchase! We used it with 3 of the kids already and they keep on returning back to it again and again.

This is the post in progress and I will be adding more to it, so please check back! I will also try to take a few pictures of the actual pages of the books to give you an idea about each series and its level.