Our Road Plan for Year 2 History Studies

Last year we had an incredible success with Year 1 Story of the World. Kids loved the format of each lesson. Over the course of 1 year, History truly became their favorite subject. They learned to do map work, enjoyed the activities.  We also tried out some tests, not because we do testings in our school, but because they had fun doing these tests and it was a great opportunity to introduce them to an idea of testing.

We were ready to jump into Story of the World volume 2. But after careful consideration we decided to postpone doing that.

We are planning to do a short American History study period (probably for about 2 months) and to review Ancient World History with focus on some of the Biblical events that were not covered in the Story of the World.

I decided to do that, because children wanted to have a brief overview of American History, and we are not ready to go into a serious in-depth study of it yet. And we also decided to create a timeline of world history ( which we did not do last year as we studied Ancient History) to get a better idea about time relations of different events around the world.

We are using “The Story of US” from My Father’s World. It has just 16 chapters ( some are divided in 2 parts) and we  will be doing a chapter every 2-3 days. We will model our studies after the Story of the World model, as kids requested. So I will create map work assignments for each chapter, as well as some activities to go along with each chapter. I will keep a log of these for our future reference.

For review and additional study of Ancient World we will be creating timeline cards, working on the Book of Centuries and hopefully using Mystery of History to fill in the gaps. We also planning to use the Book of Life for some of the Bible history.