Reverse Logic

Toddlers love to be contrary or do things differently. Have you noticed 2 or 3 years old doing exactly opposite of what they were asked to do, for fun? Lets turn that into a game and discover the fun of “Reverse Logic”

The idea of this exercise is for a child do something contrary  or different of what you are asking him to. For example you may say “Lets draw a house with this pencil”, and your child is supposed to either NOT draw (he can build a house for example), or draw NOT a house (but a dog), or NOT draw with pencil ( but use paints), or perhaps NOT with THIS pencil. You are not supposed to explain it, but simply tell “Do it differently”

It is interesting that at first my 2 year old would always capitalize on quality. When I asked to bring a big ball, of course in the course of our “contrary” game he would opt to bring a small one. My three year old, at first would focus on the last word. So she would bring pillow, instead of a ball, for example. But after a few days of playing this Reverse Logic Game, she discovered something new:  she can HIDE  a ball instead of bringing it, or bounce it! And that was a little discovery.