Real St. Nicholas…

What a lovely coincidence. This week in our Story of the World studies we were learning about stories that Christians from Byzantine Empire were telling about some of the very first Christians that were faithful to God. One of these Christians was Nicholas, yes that very Nicholas, that story of whom was told and retold by the Byzantine believers; who eventually was called a saint; in whose honor the Emperor Justinian built a cathedral in Constantinople, and  the story of who eventually spread out all over the world. The Real St. Nicholas.

Here are some of the supplementary reading materials we found about it.

"The Legend of Saint Nicholas"

"Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of Christmas Legend" This is a lighter read then the previous book, while the previous book is more suitable for older children, this one is a good choice for the younger ones.

"The Legend of St. Nicholas", this is another choice for the younger children.

"The miracle of Saint Nicholas" This is a story of a Christmas Miracle in a Church names after St. Nicholas. Its is not just a sweet story, but also a good explanation of orthodox practices for children. Nice illustrations.

There is also a video, called "St Nicholas: The real story". We have not watched it yet, but I heard some good reviews of it. Let me know how you liked it, if you will decide to watch!

And here is a nice website about Real St. Nicholas, traditions associated with St Nicholas day around the world and more!