Reading and Languages for travelling families.

Whether you are one of the families that followed the recent trend and decided to slow travel around the world, teaching their children the beauty of world cultures first hand; an expat family growing your children abroad or even a regular family wanting to expose your children to a foreign language from a young age, you need to check out the innovative language and reading learning programs for young children by Brillkids.

It is no secret that the earlier children are exposed to a regular learning of foreign language, the better their pronunciation would be and the easier it would be for them to learn the language later in life, EVEN if they will have a long break from it.

Parents are busy. Often parents don’t speak the language they would like their children to learn well enough, or at all. Parents search for programs to always have with them, the ones that are easy to use on the go, and to take along for a trip.

I highly recommend Brillkids Early Education Systems for learning reading and languages. We used them for the last 6 years with 3 of our children,and they are one of the very few educatonal materials we would buy again if we are to start anew.

World’s most popular languages.

Brillkids language programs cover the most common world languages!

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • And
  • Thai
  •   … Vietnamese  (I know Thai and Vietnamese are not in the most common languages of the world group, but many families spend time traveling to beautiful Thailand, or exploring culture in lovely Vietnam, so why don’t give yourself and your children a  minute a day local language instruction!)

Foreign Language and Literacy.

You can use these programs in a few different ways.

  • Foreign language learning for children – Programs are developed on the premise of language immersion method, children learn the language by listening, repeating, observing and making connections! Each word is illustrated with photos, pictures, videos, it is used in various sentences, pronounced by a variety of native speakers and included in word and comprehension games. Spaced repetition method is especially effective for learning foreign language via immersion!
  • Learning to read – Programs are suitable for teaching very young children reading in heir native language. Glenn Doman from Florida Based Institute of development of Human Potential dedicated his life to early literacy training. BrillKids language programs incorporated Glenn Doman’s research, combined it with Pattern Phonics method and Native reading. The combination is simply unbeatable. All 3 of my kids were able to read as soon as they were able to talk. Why do I think that is great? They simply adore reading, it is not a chore, but a treat for them. They teach themselves so much through reading every day. Reading provides them an amazing entertainment while traveling and in every day life. It makes our life easier and less stressful!
  • Tool for teaching language and comprehension to older children. Having a program on your computer, will provide you with valuable tool, you can use while traveling and visiting needy communities. A friend of ours takes a few times during a week, teaching English in Chinese village, and also teaching local children to read in Mandarin. It makes a big difference in community and she’ve done it in many places as she traveled.

How much would your children learn?

While technically the programs are designed and created for young children, I am learning my French, Mandarin and Spanish along with them! But that aside, let summarize how much material is given in each 12 months program.

Mandarin Chinese – you can chose from Traditional and Simplified Mandarin. The difference is only in written characters. And you probably should chose Simplified, since that is the official language used in mainland China. You would chose traditional if you are planning to use your Mandarin in Taiwan or some foreign Chinese communities. On the overall, one needs to know about 2000 Chinese characters to be able to carry on common conversation, read and communicate. Little Reader Chinese would teach your child about 3 500 new words and characters, each one illustrated and professionally recorded by a few native speakers. You will also learn how to use and recognise them in sentences!

French –  Your child would learn more then 4.5 thousand new words. Each 7-10 minutes lesson would also bring visual phonics and intuitive grammar training to you, using the Pattern Phonics and Grammar method. It is pretty amazing!

Spanish and English – both of these courses are great for learning a foreign language or learning to read. They both would introduce over  2.5 thousands main words, aong with their uses. But your child would also learn sigh words, phonics and more!

Russian –  nearly 3000 main words are covered in a course, in addition children would learn most common words used in Russian Children’s literature, and will be introduced to intricate grammar and phonics through examples and patterns. My kids are learning so much through it!

Arabic – There will be close to 4 000 words covered in the course, along with word usage, sentences, expressions. Children would learn about 270 phonetic combinations specific to Arabic language. It is an awesome resource!

And remember, if you use our partner code (BKAFF13608) you will get additional 10% discount ( even when there are other sales!), and it will help us to keep on sharing our news, reviewing educational materials and helping the needy with literacy programs! If you are interested in Literacy Programs we are working on, helping many children in 3rd world countries as well as special needs children or would like to volunteer and do something together to bring the gift of literacy to those who need it the most, check our non-profit site – or write us!