Public Domain Geography Books for Classical Education

If you are traveling the world with your children, homeschooling or after-schooling them, or even just want to provide some amazing classical geography readers to your students, here is the list of great Geography Books you can download and use for free.

Geographical Readers by Charlotte Mason, who was a British educator and said that “education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life; it is about finding out who we are and how we fit into the world of human beings and into the universe.”

Geographical Readers  Vol 1 Elementary Geography
Geographical Readers Vol 2 The British Empire and the Great Divisions of the Globe
Geographical Readers Vol 3 The Counties of England

Geographical Readers Vol 4 The Countries of Europe
Geographical Readers Vol 5 The Old and The New World

Geography Readers by Andrews from the beginning of the last century, but still full of interesting information and lessons. The language is beautiful and story lines are fascinating!

“Stories about seven small girls from different races and cultures living in different places around the globe, describing the life of the inhabitants of the seven continents.”

Andrews – Seven Little Sisters who Lived on the Round Ball
Andrews – Seven Little Sisters Prove their Sisterhood

Francis Wayland Parker’s Geography Readers were also published in the beginning of last century (1902), and while they are called Geography Readers, they are more Nature Readers, they also increase in reading and comprehension difficulty.  Author mentions that often it is difficult to make a reader for elementary grades being limited by the words children are able to read, but in these books he determined to get away from stifle reader style and let children’s imagination soar.

Uncle Robert’s Geography Vol 1: Playtime and Seedtime
Uncle Robert’s Geography Vol 2: On The Farm
Uncle Robert’s Geography Vol 3: Uncle Robert’s Visit
Uncle Robert’s Geography Vol 4: A River Journey

Oxford Geography Readers were published in England at the end of 1800. They provide quite advanced (for the grade listed) reading texts with glossary, definitions of geographical terminology and even dictation exercises!

First Reader
Second Reader
Third Reader

The British Empire Part 1 – England and Wales
Fourth Standard Reader: The British Empire Part 2
Fifth Standard Reader: Europe
Sixth Standard Reader: The World

George and Son Geographic Readers. We simply love these ones. Teach new concepts and are done in a very nice format. At the end of each lesson there are “Facts to keep in mind” (simple review of the things learned, it helps children learn summarizing what they are learning), the new words are introduced and simple writing lessons are encouraged.

First Steps Part 1
First Steps Part 2
The British Islands, British North American and Australasia
Elementary Atlas and Geography


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viv - February 24, 2016

wow thanks natalie for compiling these geography resources . Many of the books i didnt know about them before .

Lacy - May 17, 2017

I just love these! I am working on handwriting practice that pulls interesting geography quotes from public domain books. Boy, did I get side track reading some neat books. lol

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