Name… Unique and Different – Emotional Intelligence (EI) Unit 1

“My name is…”

We travel to many different countries and meeting many different people. Sometimes our names are not common for the people we meet, and they may make mistakes in calling us differently.


Our name is first most important and precious thing we are given. Our name is an important part of who we are! So it is important  to learn how to politely correct someone, when they mixed up or mispronounce our name.

   Exercise for Wee Ones.

Have someone come to you and purposely mispronounce your name, or call you by the wrong name.

In a polite, non-judgmental way, with friendly eyes, tone of voice, face and relaxed body language, answer.  “My name is…”

Have another person correct himself.

Then offer encouragement “Oh, no problem!” or “Don’t worry about it!”

Encourage conversation with “And it is nice to meet you again”, or “How are you doing today?” Not leaving too much time for the person to start feeling bad or awkward.


Exercise for Big Kids.

Some questions to ask:

If someone approached you and mispronounced your name, how does it make you feel?

If you approached someone and realized that you said their name incorrectly, how would you like them to react? What would make you feel better? Try to remember that and react in that way to others.

Do you think our life will be better, if when someone makes mistake they are corrected in a nice and friendly manner and are given a chance to give it another try?

Practice mispronouncing someone’s name and getting corrected, and then change the roles. Remember, “Practice makes perfect!”


Read, listen to or watch “Chrysanthemum” story by Kevin Henkes

You can watch it here red to you with all the pictures from the book shown in a video


You can listen to this great Radio Narration

You can get the book here


• Why do you think Chrysanthemum’s classmates teased her about her name?

• How do you think Chrysanthemum felt?

• What would you have done if you were Chrysanthemum?

• How do you think Chrysanthemum felt when Miss Twinkle told the class how much she loved the name “Chrysanthemum?”

Additional activity :

* Research what children’s names mean

* Ask parents why they gave these names to the children.

*  Make a card with the picture of each child, their name and a few words about the meaning of the name.