Multiplication Games – Flowers in the Meadow

_DSC3103Today we played a spontaneous multiplication game.









_DSC3097We used whiteboard, dry erase markers, Mortensen blocks (but you can use any base ten blocks or even counting objects) and imagination.








_DSC3085I draw flowers with different number of petals each, and write a number in the middle.


This number will be the total of multiplication equation.

So, for example, if I have a flower with number 10 in the middle and 5 petals, kids will figure out that each petal  is equal to 2.






_DSC3084It sounds pretty simple, but it is a way to approach multiplication from an unusual angle and really an excellent way to review your facts or figure them out.

My kids never memorized multiplication facts, so far I am just letting them play with the concept and really understand it.

It was interesting to see how intuitive this activity is.

My 5 year old only glanced at “36” numbered flower with 6 petals and told me that each petal is 6 units, when I asked him why, he said “I just see it in my mind ” 🙂 Working with blocks made operations like that very visual and fun and kids sometimes don’t even think twice about an answer.



_DSC3077They would “test” their answers against the control number, then put the total number representing a stem for the flower and arrange multiples into petals.

We had lots of fun and did a few sets of this game changing numbers to more and more challenging ones.

Hope you enjoy it too!