Math Concepts for early learners: Counting


It is never too early to start counting with a child.

The first counting experiences with my newborns were during their dress up and change times. We would count hands and feet, toes and fingers, buttons and socks — you name it! I counted clapping to the beat of music and counted jumping on the exercise ball with my newborn on my chest – they loved it!

I would always try to demonstrate numbers I would say and let my baby experience it in a physical way – to touch, to hold, to feel, to play with.

“Marshmallow Math” authors bring up an obvious ( but often overlooked) fact : “A young child, who rhymes off “one.two.three.four” all the way up to ten like a pro may not have any idea what “four” means or what “nine” means. That is why it is important to count objects, rather then just count aloud.”

Here are some activities we’ve done to solidify the concepts of numbers, quantities and counting:

1. We counted everything and everyone — toys in the play corner and people waiting to check out, fruit pieces in fruit salad and cheerios

2. Trampoline counting. Trampoline turned out to be one of the funnest math aids. Children love jumping and counting comes so naturally when one jumps. We started with simple counting to 10, then to 20 and beyond

3. Apple math (and it can be done with anything really, as long as the objects come in two different colors). We chose green and red apples. Child is given a number, and he needs to put the corresponding number of apples together. Lets say the number is 7: children can chose apples from either pile (green and red) as long as the sum total is seven. Then let child observe, that there is a certain number of green and a certain number of red apples, but together it makes seven. Count how many red, how many green. Change the combination. It brings an extra variety to counting and builds foundation for learning addition and number facts ( 7 can be anything of the following – 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4, 7 and 0)

4. Do different thing with the objects we are counting:

roll the balls

throw a basketball and count

scoop water with a scooper and count

blow bubbles

pick flowers

group the same amount of objects (blocks for example) in different formations – line, tower

make footprints on the sand and count

this list can go on and on!

5. Using Little Math early learning program! We used it with both of our children and are about to start with our 3rd one. It makes the Glen Doman program  of early math doable and adds variety and organization to the process. If you have not heard about Little Math before — I highly recommend it! You can check the 2 week free trial here or use coupon BKAFF13608 to get 10% discount on this awesome Early Math Program.