Magic 7 – Learning parts of number 7

Really, you can do it with any number. But since we were reading Life of Fred and Fred was using 7 all over the place, we decided to play the Magic Seven.

We all know that numbers are made of numbers, it is like our bodies are made of body parts, body organ and cells. So are the numbers are made of other numbers, you can make any number from two other numbers at least, but in reality the possibilities out there are exciting.

Well, with our kids, we let them discover. We do not need to tell them that numbers are made from other numbers, it will be more profound and will always stay with them if they will walk the path of discovery themselves.

Magic Seven game rules were simple — to create as many as possible number combinations that result in seven.

Magic Numbers 1 -- 7

My 6 year old would build everything herself. I started my 5 yo with the 7 block and it was fun to see him saying something like “OK 5 and 3 will work perfect”, then putting it there, discovering it does not work, and correcting himself “Ah of course, it should be 1 less, 1 less then 3 is 2… 5 +2 makes seven!”

Magic Numbers 2  - 7

Then they would write their number sentences…

Magic Numbers 3  - 7

And like this…

Magic Numbers 4  - 7


We mainly did it with 2 addends, just because it is more useful for future mental addition and  subtraction skills, but you can see that my 5 yo also wanted to experiment and added some multiple numbers there, which is great practice as well — it helps us to see how bigger numbers are made of smaller numbers.