Logic, Memory and Design Activities, that children love!

Castle Logix -- is a perfect choice for a castle lovers. It helps children follow simple instructions, as they build following the tasks. And it leaves plenty of room for creativity. Simple, yet elegant!

It actually goes awesomely together with Camelot Jr, and if you are planning to do Right Brain (Think Shichida-style memory building) activities, you can get two sets of each, build with one, then cover it and let your child build the same with his set. Activities like that are extremely effective for visual and photographic memory development. You can also do similar activities by showing a sample picture for a moment ( after your child is fairly familiar with building these puzzles) and then asking him to build it by memory!

"Color Code"  -- Awesome spacial awareness game, that makes one think outside of the box. It has task cards for creating more then 100 color shapes from simple to complex ones. The uniqueness of it, is that you are working with overlapping shapes to create desired result. Once you are done with task cards it will serve as an excellent photographic memory game -- create a shape, let your child glance at it and then re-create it! You can use task cards for that, ot you can build your own ( compare them afterwards if you have 2 sets, or take a picture of the first creation with your phone camera and compare with your child's creation!

"IQ Fit" is like an unusual variation of Pentominoes with a twist. It is smaller ( so you can use it as a travel game on those trips) and it has impressive collection of tasks in an activity booklet!

And speaking of Pentominoes, that is a treasure in itself. We've used them extensively and love the new challenges! My kids used it starting at 2 yo and they are good to use all the way through the school years ( some pentomino puzzles are very challenging!)

You can find variety of Pentomino ideas and printables online. And there are some nice books available to go with the set, like this one:

I was also very excited to see some of our favorite Nikitin activities from Eastern Europe appear in the West! Nikitin activities are used in Shichida schools in Japan, for memory, logic and right brain training. We used all of them since kids were young and there is so much potential, even though they look very simple from the first glimpse.

There is a UNICUBE set.

And the ones that my kids especially like called FIND A PATTERN

I will be adding more ideas to this list, so check back!

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Faizah Downing - November 29, 2016

I love lists like these! Please make more like it! Great job. 🙂

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