Learning about Australia

Here I will list main resources we used while learning about Australia.

Story of the World, Chapter 10 called "The Bottom of the World" and it served as an excellent introduction to our study of Australia.

When using Story of the World curriculum, I came to conclusion that all 3 resources that come with the main book are great to have.  This is the volume of the Story of the World we've been studying this year, volume 2, covering The Middle Ages.

We use Student Activity book that comes with this volume. It provides great discussion questions for each chapter, related activity ideas, instructions for map work ( my children's favorite activity), as well as additional reading suggestions. We use discussion questions and map work the most!

Student pages provide maps, coloring pages and craft ideas for each chapter. Here are some of the maps and activities children did for this chapter.

As we study Australia, we used "D is for Down Under" book as our study extension. It supplemented the Story of the World wonderfully and brought additional elements of history, geography and culture into our studies. We LOVED it!

Sleeping Bear Press provides FREE and EXCELLENT study guides for many of their books, so if you scroll down their Study Guides catalog you will be able to download full Study guide specifically for Australia. Even if you dont have the original book, you can easily use this guide. It has so many fun activities and it will keep children busy and engaged. We printed out some of the pages from it, rather then the whole thing and used them in our discovery.

Here we learned about didgeridoo.

How its made by Aborigine people....

Melody Street episode on Didgeridoo ( and fun demonstration of how it can imitate different Australian animals!)

And then we enjoyed this modern day Didgeridoo duet ( really neat!)

And to shift our focus to New Zealand, we watched John Jackobson's Musical Planet about New Zealand (since we do like to learn about music in our history and geography studies 🙂 )