Europe Number Quest Game (addents of 7 and basic algebra)

So here we are. Kids wanted to play math and geography game all at the same time. So we had to  improvise. At the end we had loads of fun and practiced some 7 additions,  basic algebra and getting around Europe!

I have not thought of that before but many of European countries have 7 letters in their names.  Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Estonia, Romania, to start with.

So kids invented a fun game. We made charades!

europe number quest 3


We wrote some letters from each country name on our whiteboard + x = 7 blocks

One player invented a charade ( at first, it was me), and other players supposed to figure out

a) how many letters from the name of the country we know already

b) how many are missing (x) — total minus the known number

c) try to figure out what the country is it

europe number quest 1

d) Then player needed to “get a ticket” to travel to that country by writing down what x was in the equation…

europe number quest 6


e) and then taking their “Traveling Bear” ( we often use our bear counters for these kind of games!) to the country

europe number quest 4


Our 3 year old is pretty good with countries and was helping older kids with bear travel fun.


europe number quest 5

They also needed to write the country name correctly…

europe number quest 3


It sounds very simple, but we had loads of fun! Apart from “traveling” around Europe, kids also reviewed their 7 additions, practiced critical thinking, followed directions, constructed their own charades, did a little bit of basic algebra ( they love everything with X!), found some 7 letter European countries I have not thought of ( and we went even further and included Armenia) and our school room was filled with laughter and giggles. Give it a try!