Critical Thinking for toddlers.Object and time-line. Part 1

“Before and After”

Sample dialog.

We are now at the beach. What did we do before going to the beach?

We gathered our sand toys, put on sun-screen, locked the gate, walked to the beach.

And what did we do before?

We did a Little Reader lesson and watched video about music

And before that?

We got up and had breakfast, etc

Great, so we would return home from the beach, what will happen after?

We will wash off the sand, put away our sand toys, have a snack

And then?

We will count all the shells we’ve gathered!!…..


OK, we are looking through our photos in a box. Tell me, what happened before?

We travelled to visit grandma, we took a train and then we flew on the airplane, we had a cake together, then we went to ballet, papa took pictures of everything. Then we took camera card to the developer and printed photos, then we put them in a box and brought it home…

What will happen after? We will put them in photoalbum. We will send some photos to our friends. We will decorate our wall with photos…


World around us

Look at this tomato, was it always like that, what happened before?

It was pink on the tomato plant, and before it was green and small.

Was it always a tomato?

No before that it was a flower on the plant. And before that plant was tiny and then it grew.

Was it always a plant?

No it was a seed. And we planted it.

And before?

We got seeds in the package in a mail.

And what happened before?…. etc

Now, wait a minute, we have this delicious tomato, what can we do with it?

We can eat it, make spagetti sous with it, we can can it. We can put it in the fridge. Oh, we can forget it on the back of he fridge and it will go bad. We can slice it. We can bring it to our neighbors.

You can do the same with “dog”, “house”, “water”


Train game

Prepare cards with either words or illustrations showing different stages of development (ie. baby, toddler, schoolboy, student, doctor, old man; seed, small plant, flower, fruit, fruit on the table, etc) play putting the cards in the train in correct order.