Counting. Hungry Caterpillar game

After watching Hermie and Friends videos my kids are really into caterpillars.

My 3 year old, Miss E, is pretty advanced in counting and able to count to a thousand and beyond. Master A, at 2 years old,  just mastering his counting skills. And while he is able to count to 20 with no problem at all, he needed some practicing to really solidify what each number means.

We collected many many tops from milk bottles, which are excellent counting objects — they are all uniformed — not too big, not too small, attractive red color and … there are many of them (we consume a lot of milk here!)

For this activity we had large dice, caterpillar toys ( you can use any other toys for this purpose really, – dogs, teddys, dolls…) and counting circles ( aka milk bottle tops), which turned into the soup bowls for our hungry caterpillars

Each player rolls dice, names the number on the dice and takes the number of the soup bowls for their caterpillar accordingly

We go around the circle a few times, and then determine whose caterpillar got the best (biggest) dinner.

There are possible variations here:

1. estimation — which caterpillar has the longest line of soup bowls

2. counting all the soup bowls each caterpillar got and comparing numbers (which number is bigger)

3. making soup bowls from each round sit together in separate groups, matching a number card to each group ( we just write numbers on the small cardboard squares ahead of time) and then adding numbers

What is learned:

1. Quick number recognition from dots on the dice (1-6)

2. Correspondence between a spoken number, dots, written number and quantity of objects

3. Estimation

4. Counting

5. Addition

6. Comparing