Counting floors or number line fun

A while ago we discovered an awesome elevator — it was see-through and as you go up or down in it you can see everything through its glass walls and count the floors you are passing. Kids loved it! They also liked watching it from the street and counting the floors as it was going up and down. We did a lot of fun counting with it.

So we numbered the climbing exercise ladder at home (posting big numbers 0-10) next to each step. And since my son was in firefighter mode, he and his sister were firefighters going on the ladder to different floors of the building where they had to rescue from fire their toy animals. So I would give them directions, “3 floors above you, there is a cat waiting to be resqued”, and my little 2 year old would bravely climb to the “5th floor”. “On the 7th floor, there is a dog that need to be picked up, he would need to figure out how many steps he would need to take to get there, and his sister is able to see if he did it right as the numbers are on the side of the ladder. We had so much fun with this improvised number line!