Clouds Poems

One more benefit of reading poetry with children is the facts that poetry helps us to stop, step away from our routines and discover beauty in every day things, beauty of the world around us. In some ways it is like meditation — it helps us to tune our spirit and soak in all the beauty and peace that lays around us.

Yesterday was beautiful sunny fall day. I sat in hammock nursing the baby, while kids jumped on the trampoline –one of their favorite activities. It took a while before they got tired and laid down watching the sky and the clouds passing by.

I pulled out the poem we were planning to read for a few days… and we played “Imagine” game, imagining all the different shapes the clouds took and what they represented.


By Frank Dempster Sherman.

The sky is full of clouds to-day,
And idly to and fro,
Like sheep across the pasture, they
Across the heavens go.
I hear the wind with merry noise—
Around the housetops sweep,
And dream it is the shepherd boys,
They’re driving home their sheep.The clouds move faster now; and see!
The west is red and gold.
Each sheep seems hastening to be
The first within the fold.
I watch them hurry on until
The blue is clear and deep,
And dream that far beyond the hill
The shepherds fold their sheep.Then in the sky the trembling stars
[41]Like little flowers shine out,
While Night puts up the shadow bars,
And darkness falls about.
I hear the shepherd wind’s good-night—
“Good-night and happy sleep!”
And dream that in the east, all white,
Slumber the clouds, the sheep.


Later we read another poem by the same poet, and as we walked in the garden we talked about it.




SOFTLY the little wind goes by,
A whisper, — nothing more;
Some message from the azure sky
Brought down to earth’s green door.
Fragrant and fresh the wonder-word,
But what it means, who knows?
Only the butterfly, the bird,
The leaf, the grass and rose.
Theirs the divine felicity,
The gift of wisdom rare,
The melody, the mystery,
The secret of the air.
And here is another poem about the clouds we red that night!



by Christina Rossetti

White sheep, white sheep,
On a blue hill,
When the wind stops
You all stand still
When the wind blows
You walk away slow.
White sheep, white sheep,
Where do you go?

Hope you enjoyed our poetry selection as much as we did!