Classical Music Appreciation for Children.

There are innumerable benefits to listening and appreciating classical music.

My parents took me to concerts, ballets and classical music events since I was very little, and we continuing this tradition with our own children. I honestly loved it, and seeing my kids growing in loving and appreciating it makes me very happy._DSC4863


Here are some of the resources that we used and are happy to recommend.

* There are great classical radio broadcasts in nearly every country I know of. Since we spent a lot of time driving in the car or traveling, especially when kids were little, we made a point to tune up our radios to classics. It was a great calming solution for children going to sleep and relaxing on the planes (Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Swiss Air and KLM among many others, have a whole dedicated classical music channel for on board entertainment); classical music brought nice festive atmosphere with it whenever we traveled, and it was a great alternative for unpredictable in morality and style pop.

* In Eastern Europe we made point of going to as many ballet, opera or philharmonic performances as we could possibly fit in. The quality of performances s incredible and prices are unbelievably affordable.

Here we are in Ukraine, at the National Opera and Ballet Theater ballet 4Kids very much enjoyed reading the stories of ballets, seeing musical instruments, and really experiencing music.


* Kids enjoy things better when they know a story behind it. We discovered an incredible resource of short audio pr_DSC4817ograms coverings music styles, most of the major composers and most of the famous music pieces. Classics for Kids — its a  service of Cincinnati Public Radio, it is free and it is incredible. Short audio stories are very child-oriented, full of fascinating facts and beautifully arranged.  They are only about 6 minutes each, so it is a great starting point for the kids who are just starting with classical music appreciation. And all he archives of the shows are neatly organized and available for all. So we usually listen to 3-4 related shows for our b_DSC4927edtime. Kids considering it a special treat.

** Whenever we go to a concert, we are looking for a way to make it a personal experience, giving children a chance to participate in it. Some ways to do that is to meet and talk with musicians, to touch a musical instrument or enable children to interact in some other way.


** Not exclusively for classical music appreciation, but Little Musician curricula for the children (by BrillKids) is probably the only program for very young children that incorporates music appreciation, introduction to composers, music styles, instruments, along with ear training and music theory, in a consistent fast flowing daily lessons suitable for children. We used it as a a stand alone beginning music lesson with our babies and as a spine for music activities with older children.