We have an interesting tradition in our family — we celebrate Christmas for the whole two weeks, not just a Christmas eve an Christmas day :-)! We start on 24th of December, Christmas eve according to Gregorian calendar and have our special Christmas time till 7th of January, Christmas day according to Julian calendar. It started because our family comes from two different cultures, and we decided to unite the two for our children. So yesterday was Christmas day according to Julian calendar, that is when Christmas celebrated in Russia, Greece, Serbia, Ukraine and a few other countries. We started the day with the poem of Eugene Field.


by Eugene Field

The angel host that sped last night,

Bearing the wondrous news afar,

Came in their ever-glorious flight

Unto a slumbering little star.


“Awake and sing, O star!” they cried.”

Awake and glorify the morn!

Herald the tidings far and wide—

He that shall lead His flock is born!”

The little star awoke and sung

As only stars in rapture may,

And presently where church bells hung

The joyous tidings found their way.[84]

Share thou this holy time with me, The universal hymn of love


“Awake, O bells! ’tis Christmas morn—

Awake and let thy music tell

To all mankind that now is born

What Shepherd loves His lambkins well!”

Then rang the bells as fled the night

O’er dreaming land and drowsing deep,

And coming with the morning light,

They called, my child, to you asleep.

Sweetly and tenderly they spoke,

And lingering round your little bed,

Their music pleaded till you woke,

And this is what their music said:

“Awake and sing! ‘t is Christmas morn,

Whereon all earth salutes her King!

In Bethlehem is the Shepherd born.

Awake, O little lamb, and sing!”

So, dear my child, kneel at my feet,

And with those voices from above

Share thou this holy time with me,

The universal hymn of love.

December 25, 1890.


Interesting facts:


1. Eugene Field was one of the few poets who wrote only children’s poetry. That is how he got his nickname, The Children’s Poet.

2. Eugene Field was born in St. Louis, but he spent most of his boyhood in New England.  He was American poet from 19th century

3. While living on his cousin’s farm in Massachusetts, Eugene wrote his first poem. He was nine then, and the poem was about their cousin’s dog, Fido.

4. Field attended several colleges but took no degree

5. It is no wonder that Eugene Field wrote especially well for children, for he had seven children of his own.


To download free book by Eugene Field, “Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse”, which contains “Christmas Morning” poem and many other lovely Christmas poems and stories — visit Project Guttenberg – it has nice illustrations by Florence Storer and was originally published in 1912! Enjoy!