Christmas Book Advent, our favorite books for the Season!

We have a special family tradition. We count down the days to Christmas by reading a special Christmas Book together, new book every day. Some years we wrapped each book, and set them all under our Christmas tree, kids could not wait each day to take a new book and read it!

Over the years we got our favorites. Here is the list of some of them.

The Littlest Angel. Its a story tells of an angel who just cannot stay out of trouble in the Celestial City. When Baby Jesus is born, the little angel learns the timeless lessons of giving, a lesson that has long endured as the true spirit of Christmas.

"Room for a Little One" --  beautiful illustrations, and a great book for even little babies, but my other kids enjoyed it too. It actually carries the message of tolerance and acceptance, as well as giving, each visitor is assured that "there's always room for a little one", and at the end they witness the birth of the most wondrous Little One, Baby Jesus.

"The Christmas Story" from Little Golden Books.... We had it for years and its a simple, but really nice narration of the story of Jesus's Birth.

"The Legend of Christmas Stocking", it takes place in 1800...

"The Crippled Lamb", a very special book, helping children to see things with new eyes, realizing that each person is special. It's a story of the birth of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Joshua, a lamb that has been crippled since birth .

"The Light of Christmas" , a lovely story about the boy who learns a special lesson on Christmas. The lessons on helping someone else in need. We like the style its written in, it takes place somewhere in a far away mountain village, and tells the story of Alexander, a young boy who every year goes to the city of Noel to see the Christmas torch lighted...

"The Christmas Star",  great book for the little ones, but my older kids liked it as well. It has lovely illustrations and as you read it, you are following the star... it guides shepherds, kings, and all the animals of the forest to the stable where Jesus  lies.

"The Year of a Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story",  truly touching book. Its about about caring, giving and love. Little girl is waiting for her father to come back from war, and he returns on Christmas Eve. It touches on many emotions and serves as a gentle reminder of a true treasures. Beautiful illustrations!

"A Little House Christmas Treasury". If you like Little House books, like us, its a must have! Its lovely and inspiring. It contains 6 stories and a Christmas Carol and all my kids loved it!

"The Story of the Fourth Wise Man". We really really like this book, it has a touch of Christmas magic and it makes you think and reflect.

" Christmas Tapestry". Touching book with an unusual plot. "When a leak ruins the sacristy wall in his father’s church, Jonathan Jefferson Weeks thinks Christmas Eve service will be ruined. Luckily he and his father find a beautiful tapestry, perfect for covering the damaged wall and giving the church a festive look! But then, an old Jewish woman recognizes the beautiful cloth. Her discovery leads to a real miracle on Christmas Eve." ( From book description) Its about trusting in God's universal plan. It has beautiful illustrations and a sweet unexpected ending...

"Mary's First Christmas", its a Christmas Story told by Mary to her 5 year old son Jesus. Children love to hear stories about themselves, and even though it is a familiar story, its presented in a very touching way, the way mother would share it with her son.

"Christmas Day in the Morning". Such a sweet book! Boy, Rob, wants to do something special for his father, but he does not have the money to get him a Christmas present, you've got to check what he did on the Christmas morning and it will surely warm your hearts and will motivate you to do something special for those close to you...

"Alabaster's Song". Touching story of an angel befriending a little boy, at Christmas. The illustrations are beautiful, lessons are great and the story is unforgettable!

"Silver Packages: an Appalachian Christmas Story". Its very touching and based on some real facts too. There is a real train, that travels  areas of West Virginia and Kentucky every December, and provides somewhat of a touch of Christmas to children in some of America's poorest communities.

"Christmas Stories from Grandma's Attic". We love Grandma's Attic series, and this one is on our wish list, we have not gotten it yet! But from our experience with other books from the same author, I bet we would not be disappointed!

Some time ago WorldBook publishers created a great series, it was called Christmas Around the World. Each book focused on a separate country, its traditions, stories, Christmas carols and Christmas food. We have not had a chance to read through all of these books, but planning to in the next few years. Here are just a few samplers from this collection, great for world cultures' lovers!

"The Wee Christmas Cabin of Carn-na-Ween" make believe story, that is very different from other ones you've red.

"The Animal Christmas Carol",  an illustrated book for young children, however the incredible illustrations made it a favorite for the whole family. It is inspired by a French carol that is traced back to the 12th century, and written in the spirit of a traditional Nativity play. We like it!

"The Usborne Book of Christmas carols". Perfect Caroling Book! The arrangements for piano are easy, but melodic and my kids really liked it! It also has guitar cords.

"The Christmas Bell". A story that starts in Bethlehem a little while before the first Christmas, when little girl Rachel, the daughter of a widowed shepherd, comes across a beautiful silver bell....

There is also an interesting looking advent series books for older children, that  we have not read yet, they are called "Tabitha's Travel",

"Bartholomew's passage"

"Jotham's Journey"

So do comment and tell me how did you like them, if you've red them already as a family!

"The Christmas Knight",  a very interesting rendition of a 15th-century tale, that tells the story of a generous nobleman and his prayer for a Christmas miracle.

"The Littlest Magi" a story of a little boy, Jacob, who is a servant in King Herod's household....

"The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit". If you are Peter Rabbit's fan, this is a cute adaptation of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit!

"The Living Nativity". It is a book about the first time in history when the nativity was reenacted by people and animals in a stable, it takes you back in time with St. Francis and the villagers of Greccio...

"The Christmas Angel" delightful light book for young children, my kids enjoyed it at 2-4 yo.

I am still going through our Christmas books and as I remember more of our family favorites I will try adding them here. Hope they will bring you as much Christmas  inspiration to your family as they did to ours!