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Easy Bread Baking with children

(Photos will be added soon, I misplaced them 🙂 ) Bread Baking does not have to be hard. We have been baking different things together, but lately my 6 yo’s favorite project was savory Danish bread. I actually got this recipe directly from a small Danish Bakery in Aarhus and the only thing I modified […]

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Our Educational Road Map

What learning materials we use and what will be at the top of our recommendation list for creative students. We tried a lot of materials over the years, as we were looking for the best fit for our children.  And I am happy to share with you the materials that we liked and found very […]

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Multiplication concepts through play – Multiplication Islands

All my kids learned reading through engaging activities and play, when they were very young, and they cant stop thanking me for giving them the gift of reading. Taking kids natural curiously and love for play into consideration, it is not difficult to realize that math would be not different if presented in engaging, positive […]

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