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Science Books Series for Kids We Like and Recommend

For the last few years my kids were learning most of their science through reading the books. Some books we read together. But they also spent hours every day enjoying their non-fiction reading materials. And today I wanted to share which science books series we really liked over the years and are happy to recommend. […]

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Learning about Australia

Here I will list main resources we used while learning about Australia.Story of the World, Chapter 10 called “The Bottom of the World” and it served as an excellent introduction to our study of Australia.When using Story of the World curriculum, I came to conclusion that all 3 resources that come with the main book […]

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Classical Literature Spotlight: My Book House, The Book-house for Children by Olive Beaupre Miller.

Olive Beaupré Miller was a writer, publisher and editor of children literature. In 1919 Miller established a company, The Book House for Children, and shortly thereafter published an anthology of children literature under the same name. First edition of The BookHouse for Children was published in 6 volumes. Later reprints were in 12.My Book House […]

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Introduction to Classical Music for Kids: More on Rhythm.

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica “Rhythm, in music, is the placement of sounds in time” or an “ordered alternation of contrasting elements” The word “Rhythm” derived from Greek rhythmos (to flow). Professor Wright from Yale University (whose lectures we are closely following in learning the Foundations of Classical Music), defines rhythm as ” an organization of time […]

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Real St. Nicholas…

What a lovely coincidence. This week in our Story of the World studies we were learning about stories that Christians from Byzantine Empire were telling about some of the very first Christians that were faithful to God. One of these Christians was Nicholas, yes that very Nicholas, that story of whom was told and retold […]

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