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Reverse Logic

Toddlers love to be contrary or do things differently. Have you noticed 2 or 3 years old doing exactly opposite of what they were asked to do, for fun? Lets turn that into a game and discover the fun of “Reverse Logic” The idea of this exercise is for a child do something contrary  or […]

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Free poetry books for children

We own a lot of poetry books both for children and for grown ups. But we also travelled quite a bit last year and I’ve put together our go-to library of free online children classical poetry resources, which is too good not to share. All these are public domain publications, which you can get totally […]

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On the Reading of Poetry…

  The Golden Numbers — I believe is the best Children’s Poetry Anthology out there. It was published in the wake of last century and I cannot but share the opening word of its publishers, as it gives such an amazing insight into reading of poetry. I went to the book one time too many […]

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