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Introduction to Classical Music for Kids: More on Rhythm.

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica “Rhythm, in music, is the placement of sounds in time” or an “ordered alternation of contrasting elements” The word “Rhythm” derived from Greek rhythmos (to flow). Professor Wright from Yale University (whose lectures we are closely following in learning the Foundations of Classical Music), defines rhythm as ” an organization of time […]

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Logic, Memory and Design Activities, that children love!

Castle Logix — is a perfect choice for a castle lovers. It helps children follow simple instructions, as they build following the tasks. And it leaves plenty of room for creativity. Simple, yet elegant!It actually goes awesomely together with ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐Camelot Jr, and if you are planning to do Right Brain (Think Shichida-style memory building) activities, […]

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Space Adventures, math game

My kids called these series of math games “Space Adventures”, simply because it is fun to imagine adventures in space, and since we play different variations of the game it corresponds with the fact that there are different missions and tasks when you discovering space on your space shuttle.Today’s setting was exciting. Two teams of […]

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