Best Geography Resources for young children!

As world-schoolers and travelers we are often asked about some of the Geography learning resources we use with our children.

In this post I will not be focusing on traveling, which is obviously the best way to learn about the world and cultures, but on resources we have been using at home and along the way

1. Floor World Map. We got the floor map puzzle from Metropolitan Museum and used it with all 3 of our kids . It is a fun puzzle activity, it is  very steady and it stays as a one piece map on the floor ( not falling back into puzzle pieces). Our babies crawled on it, our toddlers jumped on it, our kids played on it. They used toy airplanes, pretend vehicles and animals, they searched for countries we have traveled to, or the ones we were reading stories about, they spent hours studying it in play. For young children it worked much better then a wall paper map.


2. Country Course for Little Reader. Little Reader is a free program and Country Course curricula works on it. If you have Little Reader PRO you can customize the course, but even using it on the free version of Little Reader you will not be disappointed.

kenya country course

Each Country Course (Volume 1 and Volume 2) contains 1 year worth of geography lessons — interesting, amazing and fun facts about countries, samples of national dances, national sports, currency, you can listen how a song on the local language sounds like, learn anthems, symbols and flags, discover natural wonders, man-made wonders, learn all the capitals and major cities, national flora and fauna and more.


There are two courses, each covering 20 countries and territories in depth, plus hundreds of additional geography facts. All the material is regularly reviewed in the course and kids invited to play geography games and quizzes to review the materials they learned.

Like flag game here:  flags

National currency game: currency game


Ethnic hats game:   hats

Or country outline game:  country

Among many other games  — there is a new review game EVERY day!

Check them our here and get an additional 10% off, when you use the code BKAFF13608

I highly recommend them! By the way, you can customize your courses, and only show flashcards and games to the younger children and then show additional country facts to your older ones. You also can use it as a spine and add more books and materials to each country study.

You also have an option of printing out all the flashcards from Country Course and using them as hands on tools with your children — that is over 1600 flashcards with high quality pictures ( 800 of them are flashcards with detailed country facts).

3. Living Geography Books and Readers.

In our family we love reading. It just feels so cozy to sit together in the morning and read a book together. Some of the best Living Geography Books were written by Charlotte Mason, and since they are in Public Domain at the moment you can get them for free.

Here is the links to the ones that we are using at the moment

Mason – Geographical Readers Vol 1 Elementary Geography
Mason – Geographical Readers Vol 2 The British Empire and the Great Divisions of the Globe
Mason – Geographical Readers Vol 3 The Counties of England
Mason – Geographical Readers Vol 4 The Countries of Europe
Mason – Geographical Readers Vol 5 The Old and The New World

And the other one, which is not technically written by Charlotte Mason, but it is following her style and philosophy

Home Geography for Primary Grades

Here are some more Public Domain Free Geography resources we use, check them out!

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