The Best DIY Play Dough (Modeling Clay) Recipe with Natural Ingredients!

(Photos I will add later, just wanted to write down this recipe, so we can use it again)


Flour - 2 cups

Salt- 1 cup

Cream of Tartar -- 4 tablespoons

Almond Oil (but you can also use any cooking oil, I used almond for added benefits to the skin) -- 2 tablespoons

Water - 2 cups

Cinnamon - 1 table spoon (but you can skip this ingredient, I used it for a nice smell and health benefits. Our whole house smelled like cinnamon, while I was making the playdough! )

Food coloring of your choice. Its optional. Kids can also have loads of fun sculpting without different colors. We did both.


Mix flour, cream of tartar, salt, oil and water in a pot. Mix well and then put on a very slow fire. Continue mixing while cooking, it will get more and more difficult to mix and will form a big clamp. Cook for 5-6 minutes, continually mixing at first, and then later turning and pressing, letting it to thoroughly heat through.

Take it off the fire and continue kneading it. At this point you can also divide it on as many parts as you are planning to make different colors. As you continue kneading each individual piece, add your food coloring and mix well. I suggest to use gel based food coloring, as it is easier to incorporate into the dough.


After kids finished playing, put into zip lock bags or any other air-tight container, and store in the fridge. It stays nice and fresh for a long time!

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