Beginning Algebra with children: 2x and 3x games with blocks

Algebra does not need to be scary, it can be really fun.

Today we played with blocks and discovered 2x and 3x equations.

We started with looking what 2 equal parts would be the same as total number…

algebra with 2x and 3x 1

Some were easy, others took some experimentation, which was fun to do with blocks.

Soon, kids did not need to even experiment, they were figuring out most of the answers right and fast, and they were solving the equations faster then I was able to write them sometimes. We stuck with smaller numbers to give them confidence with the concept.

algebra with 2x and 3x 4


And here

algebra with 2x and 3x


Then we jump into 3x — they simply needed to figure out what 3 equal parts make the total. So they would take the block, that represented the total, and then play around with other blocks figuring out which 3 other equal blocks would it take to match it 🙂

algebra with 2x and 3x 2

That is how they will figure out what x is in any 3x equation.

algebra with 2x and 3x 3