My goal with this site is to preserve the research and selection of early learning materials, ideas and lessons I used with my older children in order to teach their younger siblings.

Ideas and approaches I would share here worked for us wonderfully, and I do not want to lose them and have to re-discover and re-create these a few years down the line.

So in essence it is simply our Early Learning Treasure Box.

As such this site is of personal nature –  unique collection of early learning materials with classical education approach. But another important fact — every lesson or activity I list here were personally tried and loved. After all, this is the reason I am posting them here — to preserve them in order to use them again and again.

I have not arranged all materials and units in structured curricula, but rather left them as individual units ( and I am keeping the collection growing!). That is how we used them. We used certain combination of these lessons and ideas with our older daughter and then re-used them again with our next son. However we oriented our learning process on each child’s particular interests and strengths at any given time, and it proved to be way more effective, then following rigid curricula.

We followed each child’s lead, we treated learning as fun and play and it always is joyous activity, never forced or regimented. And we are glad to share with others gems and treasures we discovered and created along the way.