AACA Composer study: Mozart’s Operas

When Mozart moved to Vienna, he had a burning desire to write opera. He tried himself in any other musical style, and he was fascinated with possibilities of opera composition.

It is there, in Vienna he acquainted himself with renown librettist, Lorenzo Da Ponte from the city of Venice. Lorenzo was a writer, poet and a Roman Catholic Priest.  He loved music and had a talent to write librettos to suite the style of musician he was working with.

Overall Lorenzo wrote librettos for 28 operas by 11 composers. He wrote librettos for Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro (1786), Don Giovanni (1787) and Cosi Fan Tutte (1790). Mozart was thrilled to work together with Lorenzo Da Ponte and composed incessantly, with the utmost spontaneity.

Here is a great introduction to a story of Don Giovanni opera by Mozart from San Diego Opera (Kids Production):

Here is a little except from Mozart's Don Giovanni sang by incredible Ukrainian baritone and prime baritone of Paris National Opera Wassyl Slipak:

Another famous Mozart's opera was also composed in Vienna. Mozart's friend Emanuel Schikaneder wrote libretto for it. It was called Magic Fluite and it fascinated and intrigued listeners ever since. Mozart finished the Magic Flute just a few months before his untimely death. He conducted the premiere in Vienna himself and it was a success, which made him very happy and lifted his spirits.

Sydney Opera Blog has great "Cheat Sheet" for The Magic Flute, which can serve as a unit study resource for the opera. It covers the plot, history and curious facts about it. You can find it by following the link.

Here is my kids' favorite part of the Magic Flute, the Duet of Papageno and Papagena, enjoy!